Our Agenda

Dark River collects the thoughts and opinions of film critics from all walks of life. We all differ in our tastes and we’re not always inclined to agree with each other…

We follow a few simple rules for reviewing films, to ensure a level of continuity between each of the articles. They are as follows:

  • Just as with all good films, we prefer to show rather than tell – in terms of reviews that means we’ll try to describe how a film worked over, rather than simply what happens in it.
  • Although it can be difficult at time, we aim to reserve our prejudices before seeing a film, so that our minds are as open as possible before we watch a new movie.
  • We believe that there is merit in all kinds of storytelling, from the biggest of blockbuster tentpole productions to the least assuming indie drama, as such we aim to cover all kinds of cinema.

Like the way we think? You can write for us too – just send us a message over on the contact page and we can get the ball rolling!